Ways of God


Let’s have an exciting and mystic walk in the history of religions. We invite you to discover the ways of God following the steps of Judaism and Christianity, at least in Buda and Óbuda from the antiquity, through the middle ages and modernism up to these days.  If you are interested in what people belived in those days, follow us from one religion to the other. And how come the bull-fighting Mithras in the same pantheon with Jahve, Jesus and Allah?


Join us and discover!



August 27th 10.00



Adults: 3.500 HUF Children under 6 can join the tours for free. Pensioners, students and teachers (need to show a valid ID): 2.900 HUF For group discounts, please write to us for a quote. Payment on the spot, prior to the walk.

Tour Length


aprox. 2,5 hours




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