Spa throw two millenia


Remember the question in the movie ‘The Life of Brian’? – “What have the Romans ever done for us? The Spa! – goes the obvious answer for a Hungarian. And indeed! The history of the spa in Budapest is easy to track all the way back to two millennia. The city’s thermal waters, as popular as ever, have been handed over from generation to generation regardless the dominant power or culture. What the Romans discovered the middle ages carried forward.

The springs used first for medicinal purposes by the locals got developed into a sophisticated wellness system by the Turkish invaders before they matured into a legitimate industry and got branded by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy to proceed into gaining world-class fame. What gives the spa its unfading appeal? Choose this tour to find out.



August 21st 10.00


Children under 6 can join the tours for free. Adults: 2.700 HUF Children and pensioners (need to show a valid ID): 2200 HUF Admission for Király Bath: 800 HUF
Payment on the spot, prior to the walk.

Tour Length


aprox. 2,5 hours

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