Follow the flag with a hole

Forced collectivization, artificial industrialization, peace loan, the cult of the leader, false trials. But what were the every-days like during the Stalinist years in Hungary, what events led to the revolution of 1956? Would you like to know where László Rajk was executed, what were the economical crimes against the state, and where the intellectual preparationary committee of the revolution, the Petőfi-circle, was founded? If you want to know more about the siege of the Radio, or what fatal misunderstanding led to the capitulation of the Headquater of the Communist Party, you need to be part of our tour!

During our walk, apart from the well-known historical platitudes you will hear seldom-told stories of the everyday life during the revolution. You will find out what the Women’s Journal wrote about and what fashionable people wore those days.



August 14th 10.00



Adults: 3.200 HUF
Pensioners: 2900 HUF
Students (need to show a valid ID): 1590 HUF
Teachers: Free
Children under 6 can join the tours for free.
For group discounts, please write to us for a quote.
Payment on the spot, prior to the walk.

Tour Length


aprox. 2.5 hours




  1. Victor’s tour was unique, with an in-depth understanding of how the 1956 revolt came about. It was unsettling to reenact a show trial in the very place where it took place, in the beautiful metal and engineering workers union hall. Who knew a union hall could have stained glass windows? Victor also provides photos of events of the time – the photo of Stalin’s severed head alone is worth the tour. We learned that the rebels were fighting for liberty within the socialist system. This tour is very highly recommended.

  2. The ‘Follow the flag with a hole’ tour was amazing. We went through Hungarian history (the 1956 Revolution, specifically) in a rather peculiar and funny way, talking about Elvis Presley, performing trials and being directly involved in shaping the tour. Thanks to the devices used, it turned out to be a very vivid portrait of the period. In addition, we asked for some cultural tips about books and movies and got it right away.
    A highly suggested walk, next time we will try the ‘Pal street Boys’ walk!

  3. Gyozo was an outstanding guide in that he was well-prepared,knew his material and shaped it into a comprehensive presentation as we walked the route that shows the event locations for the 1956 revolution. It was a fascinating way of learning about that unique historical period as well as related points prior to and after the fighting. I would recommend this tour very highly.


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