Ernő Nemecsek is regarded by many as the Hungarian Tom Sawyer. Everybody knows Tom Sawyer but who is this Ernő Nemecsek? He is the selfless hero of the Hungarian youth novel „Paul Street Boys”. The Paul Street Boys fought life and death battles with the Red Shirts. For what purpose? For the posession of the Grund, of course.  The grund a plot of ground that is hedged about by a rickety fence on one side, and by rearing walls stabbing skyward.

If you are interested to find out where the original Grund was or if you would like to know where the members of the Putty Collectors Club collected the putty  from, or if you’d like to see the pool as well, where Nemecsek had to hide then please choose this tour!



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Students: 1290 HUF
Adults: 3.300 HUF
Teachers: free
Children under 6 can join the tours for free.
Botanical Garden: for children and pensioners: 600 HUF, for adults 1000 HUF
Payment on the spot, prior to the walk.

Tour Length


aprox. 2,5 hours

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  1. Grazie per la passeggiata nei luoghi in cui è stato ambientato l’opera di Ferenc Molnàr. Le ricerche di Victor hanno reso particolare e preziosa la visita. I personaggi del libro hanno ripreso vita ed anche noi avremmo voluto tirare le palle di sabbia contro le camicie rosse. Consigliatissimo a chiunque abbia letto e amato il libro e che parli un po’ di inglese per poter seguire la spiegazione della guida.

  2. I’ve read the book as a kid, thirty years ago, came back and read it again a few years ago. When me and my wife decided to come to Budapest and accidentally saw Pal utca and Maria utca on the map I was excited and decided to follow the heroes of the book, but when I’ve heard about this guiding tour I was even more excited.
    The guide Győző Nehéz (Victor to me), was full of enthusiasm, knowledge and information about the book, the author, the sites from the book and much more fun facts.
    I feel that this guided tour was one of the highlights of my visit to Budapest.
    Thank you very much for the great tour.
    Avi & Yasmin


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