Alternative Budapest sightseeing walks


Every movement of ours is plain, practical, and only serves one purpose: that of gaining some time! If I only had more time … – we say to ourselves, while we get annoyed by the pedestrian taking his time just in front of us. We are in a hurry out of a routine. Not only during our morning routine, but throughout the day, the week, the year…
We are rushing to take part in the treadmill – in what? In life? We are in a hurry, and life hurries right by us, only in the other direction. Sort of as two trains rush past each other, heading the other way.

Verseny az idővel

We are in a hurry and we do not notice the many things we rush by. These things happen to stand still, only we do not take note of them:
Buildings, statues that could be part of our life, if we cared to look at them.
Squares, public benches that all have their own history, that shape our living environment, our way of thinking, if we want to buy an apartment in the neighbourhood. Although they are mute and motionless, they hold a vast knowledge. We pass by them every day without being aware of the treasure they hide.

“and on the way to school you’d not step on a crack,
lest you’d forget your lesson, or break your mother’s back;
the pilot can not see that paving-stone, that grass:
to see all this, there is no instrument or glass”

There is really no instrument to show all this. But there are people among us who can guide us, without instruments to familiar and unfamiliar places, to show us all the beauty and excitement within our reach that we have not even dreamt of. Because even though it is fine to know that by reaching the church at five past, we will make it to the tram, would not it be great if the church did not only serve as a device to measure time, but we could afford to take time and look at it for itself, and see that there is a lesson in it. How?
By getting to know the history of our built environment we learn lessons about our own history. The world needs all of our stories to be complete! Would you like to become a part of this complete world?
Budapest Walks offers sightseeing walks that are interactive, playful. Your guide can tell you many interesting stories. You are also welcome to share your stories, if you wish. We are curious about your opinion. Every walk holds a playful surprise that we are sure you will enjoy!
We have established Budapest Walks to include those public buildings in the main stream of the city that have been forgotten, or are unduly ignored. Through our alternative sightseeing walks we get off the beaten path and explore sites in an unusual way.
Let us ask questions from the city about the past, the present, its people – us! It might help us get to know ourselves better, or You could be an addition to its riches…

Dig into the secrets of Budapest with us.


Budapest térkép

Guided Tours coming up

August 1st 10.00
From Abraham to St. Anthony

August 3rd 10.00
Opulency and Terror in New Leopold Town of Budapest

August 9th 11.00

August 14th 10.00
Follow the flag with a hole

August 21st 10.00
Spa throw two millenia

August 27th 10.00
Ways of God