Alternative sightseeing

Dig into the secrets of Budapest with us.


Follow the flag with a hole

We revisit and relive the revolution and the events that had led up to it, using documents of the time


A literary walk for children visiting the original places of the story of Paul Street Boys


Beer Lovers

The secrets of a colorful district of Budapest – everything you have always wanted to know about the tenth district of the City, but were afraid to ask


From Abraham to St. Anthony

A religious travel with John Calvin, Moses and Blessed Virgin Mary


Spa throw for two millenia

The tradition of bathing in Budapest with a glance at the Roman, the Turkish, and art nouveau baths


The ways of God

From Mithras to Mohammed – a divine tour through historical periods


Our sightseeing tours

Budapest map

Alternative Budapest sightseeing walks

Every movement of ours is plain, practical, and only serves one purpose: that of gaining some time! If I only had more time … – we say to ourselves, while we get annoyed by the pedestrian taking his time just in front of us. We are in a hurry out of a routine. Not only during our morning routine, but throughout the day, the week, the year.  Read more…

1956 revolution

Follow the flag with a hole

Forced collectivization, artificial industrialization, peace loan, the cult of the leader, false trials. But what were the every-days like during the Stalinist years in Hungary, what events led to the revolution of 1956? Read more…

Paul street boys statue



From Abraham to St. Anthony: September 6th 10.00

Beer-lovers: September 18th 11.00

Follow the flag with a hole: September 28th 10.00

Spa throw two millenia: October 2nd 10.00

Ways of God: October 6th 10.00

Kőbánya walk

From Abraham to St. Anthony

Beer factory walk

Beer – lovers

Budapest spa

Spa throw two millenia

Isten útjai séta Budán

Ways of God